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At Crystal Authority we give our clients our most important product: Ourselves. We offer a wide variety of crystals and gemstones from around the globe -- many rare and individually unique pieces, with an emphasis on Australian stone. We pride ourselves in hand selecting each piece, with the consideration of its integrity and quality paramount in each choice. All of our product comes from the Earth, is natural and free of dyes or alteration. This site contains a "sample" of our extensive inventory. If you do not find the crystals and gems you are looking for here, please contact us so we may assist you. You may also visit our beautiful gallery, located in Redmond, Washington, to experience these amazing jewels of the earth.
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Each crystal and gemstone has a unique quality that can help you improve your life. Learn about the special properties of each gemstone and crystal.

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View some of our most beautiful crystals and gemstones from around the world.


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